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Bourbon y Tequila Orchestra

We are BOURBON Y TEQUILA, an exciting nine piece band offering a unique blend of Salsa and Jazz - in other words we bring you the very best from North and South America!

Leeds to Havana at the speed of music.

It might be a long-haul journey even at the speed of light but when Leeds based Latin musician Enrico Marchesi and his 10-piece band Bourbon y Tequila strike up the salsa rhythm you can almost feel the scorching tropical heat.

The band consists of 4 horns, 3 percussionists, keyboard, bass and Cuban vocalist.

Bourbon y Tequila play mainly original tunes with a dash of Salsa classics thrown in for good measure and their sets are rapidly earning them an impressive reputation with audiences around the UK and Europe.

Enrico Marchesi is a graduate of the Bergamo and Rome Conservatoire, and has performed with many luminaries including the jazz legend Sonny Rollins.

Moving to UK, he has played with many top UK latin bands. He now leads this tight ensemble fusing an infectious Latin percussion section with the jazz sensibilities of a stonking quintupe-horn front-line.

Enrico Marchesi trumpet,musical director

James Russell tenor sax

Jim Corry baritone sax

Stuard Mc Donald alto sax

Andrzej Baranek keyboard

Richard Hammond bass

Cris Sykes timbales

Geoff Winckless congas

Gianni Di Marco  bongos, lead vocal                                                                                            Fake book: Bourbon y Tequila